Clamp right side Ducati Multistrada

59,00 (71,98 IT Vat inc. where applicable)
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Clamp with mirror mount for the front brake control made in light alloy, machined from solid and then anodized.
The original screws or the additional KV457X titanium screw kit, sold separately, can be used for mounting.

The clamp for the left side, clutch control, available with the code CV018B Black - CV018R Red

For orders to destination mainland ITALY the delivery time is 24-48 hours, it can extend to 3-5 days if the destination is on an island.

As soon as the courier takes charge of you order, we will send you the name of the courier (TNT or DHL) and Tracking number to be able to follow every step of the transportation until the delivery of your order

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Kit consists of 4 screws." ["dettagli"]=> string(32) "

M6x30 2pz

M5x16 2pz

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